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BlogForArizona's Podcast

Jun 29, 2022

00:00 DGT Logo
00:05 Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer
00:09 Introduction to Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer
01:12 Democratic Strategist Rachel Bitecofer Remarks
12:35 Q&A

Rachel Bitecofer has launched a liberal super PAC named Strike Pac, which she describes as “a war machine for the Left.” Arguing that strategy and messaging for Democrats is woefully asymmetrical to the GOP’s, she asserts that going forward, Democrats must launch a “brand offensive” against Republicans. Rachel argues that instead of ideology, Democratic candidates should “lean in” to being Democrats and abandon the preference of Democrats to nominate unobtrusive, “Blue Dogs” who run against their own party’s brand.

The fact that progressive favorites like Stacey Abrams and Beto O’Rourke often came much closer to winning their races in red states in 2018 than Blue Dog moderates who tried to ingratiate themselves with Trump has been held as validation for her theory, as have the successful campaigns of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in Georgia and Mark Kelly in Arizona.

In July 2019 Bitecofer predicted that President Trump would lose the 2020 election, with the Democratic candidate winning a base of at least 278 electoral votes. She correctly anticipated a Democratic sweep of three Midwest states in the Democrat’s so-called Blue Wall that Trump won narrowly in 2016 During the 2020 Democratic primaries. She attributed the increased turnout and Joe Biden’s success in the primary process to the eagerness of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents (and in particular, black voters) to remove Trump from office. Bitecofer argued the 2020 electorate would see the return of voters who, feeling assured of a Trump loss, sat out the 2016 election but were now “terrified” that Trump is seemingly unstoppable.

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