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BlogForArizona's Podcast

Sep 2, 2022

Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott spoke at the August 22, 2022, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson. Supervisor Scott is leading a challenge to the state law blocking local control of firearms. Taking a bold step for public safety, he led the Pima Supervisors to call for the repeal of a prohibition against local governments protecting their citizens from gun violence. If the “guns everywhere” law isn’t revoked, the County will ask a court to have it declared unconstitutional.

Rex, a Democrat, was elected to represent District One in Tucson in 2020. Before, the district had reliably voted for Republicans.
In 1991, Rex taught social studies at Flowing Wells Junior High School. In 2000, he began his 19-year career as an administrator in middle and high schools. During that time, he was an assistant principal at Ironwood Ridge High School and the principal at Tortolita Middle School.